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This design solution is in response to research-based data that shows that prescription medication is responsible for 69% of all drug-related deaths in Australia. The RxShell was specifically designed to address opioid misuse both accidental and deliberate. 

It seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and addresses issues such as 'doctor shopping' for prescriptions and drug diversion which represent two main ways in which these drugs are procured and misused.

Prescription Management of Opiates


Prescription management of opiates and other controlled pharmaceuticals.


3D printed prototypes to explore form, ergonomics and mechanical function of the proposed design


Testing user interactions to validate design details and further refine the design


Communication of design with detailed explaination of functions

Lockable, safe and reliable

A uniquely designed locking mechanism allows for only doctor-prescribed dosages to be dispensed at their proposed time intervals. This aims to prevent excess use or the selling of these potentially harmful prescribed medications.

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