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STRAiDE (2020)

Straide is solution that optimises post-surgical mobility and independence in over 65yr old joint replacement patients living independently. It does this by using sensors to analyse how they interact with their home pre & post-surgery to strengthen 
post-operative care and streamline recovery. 

RxShell (2018)

This design solution is in response to research based data that shows that prescription medication is responsible for 69% of all drug related deaths in Australia. The RxShell was specifically designed to address opioid misuse both accidental and deliberate.

HBI Landmark Sculpture (2020)

This project was in response to a brief to design a landmark structure for the Herston Biofabrication Institute foyer that conveys a meaningful message about 3D imaging, modelling and printing technologies which also conveys the aspiration of HBI of transforming and inspiring healthcare through the application of biofabrication technologies. 

Modbox: Interactive Health promotion.

MODBOX is a modified version of boxing that has been in development over the past seven years. The sport aims to provide the benefits of boxing to participants by eliminating the physical and ethical controversies surrounding the sport. Allan Hahn and Paul Perkins are members of the group committed to the development of MODBOX and equipment needed to run the program. They seek to provide an accessible, safe and fun physical fitness program that strives to build safer and healthier communities.

Sustainable packaging innovation

This project was carried out for Planet Protector ( in which they were seeking an ‘enhanced sustainable and multi-use commercial packaging that is strong, adaptable, cost effective, and suitable for manufacturing’. 

Coming soon

Virtual Reality for Pain Management

Thesis project exploring clinically appropriate VR headsets for use in acute burn care.

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